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We provide independent audit services to clients' financial statements designed to assess the reliability of financial information to be used by investors, creditors and other stakeholders, and assess compliance with applicable financial accounting standards in Indonesia. Our audits are conducted in accordance with auditing standards.

Audit provides the organization’s traditional accounting and audit services, as well as internal auditing and IT control assurance. The implementation of the audit is based on a proper understanding of each client as well as the specific industry and business environment in which the client operates.

Starting from this precise understanding, We provide a new perspective in delivering this service, so auditing is no longer just a statutory requirement. We strive to add value by recognizing key issues affecting the client's business and providing new insight into opportunities for clients to continue improving their financial management, controlling, risk management and governance processes.

We also offer you other assurance service as follows:

01 Audit of prospective financial report

02 Audit of proforma financial information

03 Financial review

04 Compliance audit

05 Special audit of financial report

In carrying out these assurance services, as a member of global network public accounting firm, we do not compromise its independence.

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