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Payroll is not just as easy paying the employee. It has a function that will give you insights about your company roles to lowering risk related to compliance issues and penalties. It is part of a corporate culture of what your company builds into. Payroll is our biggest client because every company engaged in the field of products or services in definite need for the employee payroll management. A company certainly can not arbitrarily in taking care of and managing employee salaries because both employers and employees could loose financially.

The primary purpose if you cooperate with us is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions and also to ensure the remitted in timely manner. This includes salary payments, income tax, deduction from paycheck and BPJS related.

Payroll Initial Phase

  • Review and understand client's payroll system in order to set up proper calculation
  • Set up procedures and timeline betweean client and tilyanPristka about payroll service
  • Set up payroll master data to be inputted into our payroll software (all employees data)
  • Perform payroll calculation and tax reconciliation from the beginning of fiscal year up to current month

Monthly Activities

  • Perform calculation of salaries, tax art.21, allowances to be paid & prepare payslips
  • Perform calculation including report submission and payment of monthly Jamsostek.
  • Prepare and arrange payment, reporting of art. 21 taxes & submit monthly returns
  • Perform payroll reconciliation on monthly basis & other related reports

Payroll BPO Process

We are offering solutions for you human resource activities in calculating and administering payroll function. Our payroll service will reduce company expenditure, saving investment on software, hardware and also support payroll business process efficiency

We are an Indonesian company, located in Jakarta. If your company needs a good payroll services, our professional workers in the payroll field always ready to serve and cooperate with your company

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