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Nowadays, we find that many companies are still unaware when it comes about how big the tax burden and tax penalties to be paid. Knowing the fact that taxes can be so complicated, and also because taxation can be a major cost to your business. This kind of situation could be managed well if tax obligations are implemented properly and on time. With our methodology, let us assure you to provide services in fulfillment of administrative tax compliance and to help you achieve your key objectives.

Monthly Compliance

  • Review and calculate client's monthly withholding taxes compliance
  • Corporate Inc. Tax Return - art. 25
  • Arrange the tax monthly payments
  • Prepare monthly tax returns
  • Monthly Value Added Tax

Yearly Compliance

  • Annual Employee Income Tax Return (SPT Form 1721)
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax Return (SPT Form 1771)

Tax Compliance BPO Process

Our tax service helps clients increase their net asset value, minimize their tax liabilities, implement tax computer systems, and provides advisory of tax implications of various business decisions.

We are an Indonesian company, located in Jakarta. If your company needs a good tax compliance services, our professional workers in the tax field always ready to serve and cooperate with your company

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